Passes to the SPA as a gift

The promotion is valid from 26.12.18 for 17.02.2019 G.

A ticket for 4 visits to SPA-center "SPA Territory" for FREE*

*if you buy at the beauty salon "Territory SPA" in the hotel "Aqua-Minsk" is one of the following complexes:

The promotion is valid from 26.12.18 for 17.02.2019 G.

A ticket for 4 visits to SPA-center "SPA Territory" for FREE*

*if you buy at the beauty salon "Territory SPA" in the hotel "Aqua-Minsk" is one of the following complexes:

  • range of services: manicure + pedicure + long lasting nail hands and feet (84 rubles);
  • range of services: male pedicure + paraffin foot (65 rubles 50 kopecks).

Savings of 83 rubles (the cost of the subscription on 4 sites in water and the thermal zone in the Republic of Kazakhstan "Swan")

Attention! To receive a discount of 100% on a subscription to the VPP you need to purchase one of the above complexes and to bring to the reception of the SPA center "SPA Territory" the water Park "Lebyazhy" check. It must be done in the period of validity of the code – to 17.02.

The range of services at the Barber shop can be made into a gift certificate. The certificate will expire 3 months from date of purchase.

Please note that the subscription is in the water in the thermal zone name and is not transferable to third parties after it is activated.

Pre-registration for the packages is mandatory.

The beauty center "SPA Territory" in the hotel "Aqua-Minsk", which opened on the ground floor "of the Hotel "Aqua-Minsk", offers the services of a hairdresser and manicure Cabinet. We have all types of coloring, nails, hardware manicure and pedicure, building and design nail. With all the services and current price list can be found here.

Address: PR-t Winners, 118, 1st floor.
Phone: +375 44 5056537
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The phones are SPA-center "SPA Territory in the Waterpark "Lebyazhy":

  • +375 (17) 279-84-14;
  • +375 (44) 505-65-18.

The solemn tree planting ceremony!

We offer a very beautiful meaning and significance of the ceremony on the wedding – it's planting a tree of love!

This ceremony will allow you the day of your wedding to create a living symbol of your eternal love!

Spend your wedding ceremony and plant a "tree of love", so You could always go back and walk through the alley, where growing your "tree of love".

The cost of tree planting ceremony – 210 BYN.

More information please call: +375 44 505 65 27, +375 44 505 65 33.

Visit to the Aqua zone!

Visit to the Aqua zone water Park "Lebyazhy" (during the night).

Gift certificate for two

Gift certificate includes:
  • accommodation in hotel "the Hotel "Aqua-Minsk" (rooms DBL, TWIN, LUX, DSBL, BUNG). Accommodation in the room category BUNG is only possible for 2 guests;
  • dinner for two at the restaurant of the hotel "the Hotel "Aqua-Minsk" (32.00 RUB.);
  • unlimited access to the Aqua zone water Park "Lebyazhy";
  • daily use of the gym in water Park "Lebyazhy";
  • rooms DBL, TWIN, DSBL + dinner in the restaurant - 104.00 rubles;
  • room category LUX + dinner in the restaurant - 161.00 rubles;
  • room Bung + dinner in the restaurant - 272.00 rubles.

The certificate may be purchased at the reception of the hotel "the Hotel "Aqua-Minsk" to the address: PR-t Winners, 118.

When using the gift certificate required prior reservation for accommodation.

Special offer

Visit our water-thermal area Lebyazhy water Park for the special price of 20 BYN.

Accommodation + SPA service center

1 pack:

  • Visit VTZ (all day).
  • Floating (30 min).
  • Salt room (60 min).
  • 15 byn.(for one person).

2 pack:

  • Visit VTZ (all day).
  • Classic massage (60 min).
  • Salt room (60 min).
  • 39 byn.(for one person).

3 pack:

  • Visit VTZ (all day).
  • Chocolate wrap (Tale of the Caribbean) (60 min).
  • Salt room (60 min).
  • 66 byn.(for one person).

The SPA rate(1) – includes discount + 1 package (15 byn for one person):

  • DBL/TWIN/DSABL: 98 byn.
  • LUXE: 165 byn.
  • BUNG: 294 byn.

Prices are per person

Rate SPA(2) – includes discount + 2 pack (39 byn for one person):

  • DBL/TWIN/DSABL: 122 byn.
  • LUXE: 189 byn.
  • BUNG: 318 byn.

Prices are per person

Rate SPA(3) – includes discount + 3 pack (66 byn for one person):

  • DBL/TWIN/DSABL: 149 byn.
  • LUXE: 216 byn.
  • BUNG: 345 byn.

Prices are per person

Mandatory pre-registration.

Read more: +375 17 279 96 03, +375 29 505 65 27.

Discount for a review

We appreciate the feedback and offer You a personal discount on accommodation in our hotel.

All you need to do is to leave a positive review about your stay at the hotel Akva-Minsk, assessing services in 10 points.

For all subsequent bookings on Your behalf over the phone or through VIBER will be given a 10% DISCOUNT, as well as the ability to use aquazone Lebyazhy water Park UNTIL 14:00 on the day of DEPARTURE.

Offer only applies when booking via phone or VIBER.

Tel: +37544 505 65 33,
Viber: +37544 505 65 27