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We know that comfort and quality of sleep are important aspects when choosing a hotel, that’s we offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy the perfect sleep with a special pillow menu.

You can choose a pillow that perfectly suits your preferences and provides maximum comfort while sleeping.

The offer is available for LUX Suites.

To order a pillow for your room, please contact the administrator.

Bali, 40/60

Bali Orthopedic Pillow.

Polyurethane memory foam that returns to its original shape after compression within 2 seconds. It exactly follows the natural contours of the head and neck, and has a textured surface.

The ergonomic shape helps shoulder and neck muscles to relax, to eliminate pain in the cervical region and head, and promotes good health, providing convenience and comfort.

Bio Down, 50/70

With the Bio Down feather and down pillow, experience a delightful feeling of the freshness of early morning and the warmth of the first rays of the rising sun. Pure and 100% safe goose down in the Bio Down pillow is pretty light, airy, and warm, and it can capture your heart from the first touch.

Thanks to the elasticity of the down and feather filling, the Bio Down pillow perfectly restores its shape, absorbs moisture, providing air exchange and creating the best experience while sleeping.

For Men, 70/70

The For Men pillow is specially designed for representatives of the stronger half of humanity.

A larger inner chamber with a feather filling provides high support and the most comfortable head position, while a second smaller inner chamber helps the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle to relax. External chambers with down and feather filling give a feeling of softness and airiness.

Bamboo, 50/70

Verossa Bamboo pillows filled with bamboo fiber give an unsurpassed feeling of comfort at any time of the year, letting the skin breathe. Bamboo fiber has good breathability and high hygroscopicity, providing an optimal level of humidity during sleep.

Aloe Vera, 50/70

The cases are made of fabric treated with Aloe Vera, a special biological component that gives products unique properties: stimulates the body’s defenses, enriches the body's cells with vitamins and minerals, has a relaxing effect, and takes care of the beauty and health of the skin.

SPA TEX, 50/70

When life gets too crazy and frequent exposure to stress comes as a surprise, a person simply needs effective ways to de-stress.

Safe, gentle, and unobtrusive massage produces effect on physical and emotional levels.